Chick teaches robber lesson 00:00
Chick teaches robber lesson

IRL this is almost impossible so I call fake.

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Added on 12 November 2013
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Bus driver teaches girl a lesson 00:00
Bus driver teaches girl a lesson

No uppercuts that would make Mike Tyson blush. But it still gives you enough reason to choose transportation by disease mule over buses any day of the week.

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Added on 15 November 2012
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Wife teaches mistress lesson 00:00
Wife teaches mistress lesson

Beating up and humiliating mistress by wives or their relatives, like beating up thieves, is generally accepted citizen justice in China.

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Added on 30 January 2012
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Mom teaches son howto slap a bitch 00:00
Mom teaches son howto slap a bitch

Admittedly this would have been better with a equally detailed teabagging demonstration. But we'll take what we can get.

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Added on 21 November 2011
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Perv teaches self defense 00:00
Perv teaches self defense

Do you think its worth the $650 dollars this girl has paid this guy to learn self-defense?

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Added on 05 October 2010
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Train teaches a lesson 00:00
Train teaches a lesson

And the lesson is don't block the tracks cause it will keep on going.

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Added on 06 January 2010
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